Lamelle - The science of skin

Lamelle Research Laboratories is a biotechnology research company that manufacture’s products locally for the South African market.

With a special interest in cosmetic dermatology, all products that are developed follow a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production.

Lamelle Research Laboratories was the first to launch Nobel Price winning nano-capsulated Recombinant Human Growth Factors 100% homologues to human protein in South Africa, which has proven to be popular with doctors and therapist due to its results for anti-aging under the brand Dermaheal. This is one of many firsts for Lamelle including Ovelle, the first oral supplement for hormonal pigmentation / melasma.

Innovative firsts from Lamelle

  • Launch of Beta Peel – medical grade salicylic acid peeling system (Oct 2006)
  • Launch of the US FDA cleared Mattioli Transderm – (Nov 2007)
  • Launch of Portrait Plasma resurfacing (Feb 2007)
  • Launch of iPulse Intense Pulsed Light technology (Sept 2006)
  • Launch of rH Growth Factors Technology (Oct 2006)
  • Launch of Ovelle oral antioxidant for Hormonal Pigment and Melasma (May 2007)
  • Launch of Collagen Induction Therapy (Sept 2006)
  • Launch of neurosensory inhibiting factors in chemical peels (August 2008)
  • Launch of the new combination Melapeel systems (August 2008)
  • Launch of pigment inhibiting peptides used in Luminesce – a 1st in South Africa (May 2009)
  • Launch of Clarity and Acnevelle (February 2010)
  • Launch of Correctives Cathepzyme (October 2011)
  • Launch of Nourish - First free radical protection system with propriety ingredients (February 2012)


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