Heliocare ~ Revolutionary Oral Sun Protection!

Being outdoors and enjoying the sun is a major pastime for a lot of people, but it can be detrimental to your health if you don't take the necessary steps. With Heliocare pills, going out to enjoy the sun just got a little easier!.


Heliocare is a dietary supplement that contains a natural ingredient Polypodium Leucotomas Extract (a natural fern extract) which works against the harmful effects of UV from the sun. It has been used in Europe for over 20 years and is now available here.


UV [from the sun or from a sun lamp] has many detrimental effects on the skin: it can directly cause DNA damage, and it can create so-called "reactive oxygen species" (ROS) or "free radicals". ROS are high energy molecules that collide with proteins and lipids in the cell and cause direct cellular damage. This damage is responsible for the effects of UV on skin: premature aging and a prematurely lined and worn appearance.

Heliocare works to turn back the sun. It offers the unique properties of a natural fern extract (PLE). Heliocare provides significant antioxidant properties to care for the skin;

  • It increases tolerance to the sun
  • It reduces skin changes after chronic exposure to the sun
  • It helps maintain the skin's elasticity
  • It provides cell protection in the epidermis
  • It protects skin cell DNA


Studies reveal that the antioxidants in Heliocare work against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation to decrease sunburn response, including a significant reduction in the number of ultraviolet induced sunburn cells and DNA damage.


Heliocare works as a potent oral antioxidant. UV [from the sun or from a sun lamp] has many detrimental effects on the skin: it can directly cause DNA damage, and it can create so-called 'reactive oxygen species' (ROS) or 'free radicals'. ROS are high energy molecules that collide with proteins and lipids in the cell and cause direct cellular damage. This damage is responsible for the effects of UV on skin: premature aging.

Heliocare contains antioxidants which are shown to mop up free radicals before they damage important cellular proteins. Heliocare is taken daily. It is active within half an hour of the first dose (unlike many oral antioxidants which take months to build up sufficient levels). Also, because Heliocare is taken orally it is effective in protecting cells deep in the skin - topical antioxidants are usually ineffective in protecting cells at this level. Damage to these deeper cells is responsible for many of the signs of photoaging (e.g. wrinkles.)


Importantly, over 12 years of research has confirmed the antioxidant and photoprotectant properties of Heliocare. It has shown that the agent is effective when taken in capsule form or used on the skin. And it confirmed that the capsule form has no known harmful side effects. Oral photoprotection is now the focus of much attention, and has been hailed as the 'photoprotection of the future'.

Heliocare pills are taken as an oral supplement and contain 3 natural ingredients (beta-carotene, green tea and a natural fern extract) that help protect against the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. With Heliocare you'll increase your tolerance to the sun, reduce skin damage brought on by daily exposure and maintain your skin's elasticity.

Filled with natural antioxidants, Heliocare is the first oral sun protection not only clinically but microscopically proven to fight against UV-induced damage. Heliocare pills also provide cell protection in the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) and protect skin cell DNA.

Heliocare pills are taken daily and are active within half an hour of your first dose - other oral sun protection can take months to build up effective levels of protection. Since Heliocare pills are taken orally they are highly effective in protecting cells deep in the skin. Without the proper sun protection, damage to these deeper cells can cause premature aging, e.g. wrinkles. See Sun Protection Tips for more information on how to cover up.

A closer look at the 3 key ingredients in Heliocare oral sun protection that help protect your skin from the sun's damaging effects.

Green Tea Extract:

  • Has potent antioxidant activity
  • Helps protect DNA
  • Can regenerate oxidized Vitamin E

Beta - Carotene:

  • An efficient anti-free-radical agent.

Polypodium Leucotomos Extract - PLE (Natural Fern Extract):

  • Increases tolerance to the sun
  • Has an important antioxidant effect
  • Protects skin cell DNA
  • Protects immune cells in the skin

Heliocare pills are not a substitute for good sunscreen and protective clothing. If used in combination with these products, Heliocare pills will lend added sun protection. They are very useful for people with sensitive skin, who have had skin treatments or who hope to lessen photoaging (wrinkles, discoloration or susceptibility to cancer). Heliocare pills will not reverse sun damage, they will help minimize it.


Sunlight is apart of apart everyday life bringing warmth and light into our world
However the sun gives out two types of ultraviolet radiation .in the form of UVA and UVB rays .which can increase our risk for skin cancer.

The UVB rays are mainly responsible for sunburn .However the suns UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and have more damaging long-term effects ,Which result in premature skin ageing or photo-ageing .

The importance of UVA in skin damage
UVA-induced skin damage becomes evident only after years of repeated exposure to the sun ,even at low UVA does .This results in premature skin ageing or 'photo-ageing ' .The skin has increased breakdown of skin proteins (such as elastin and collagen),loses flexibility and moisture and results in sagging ,spots and wrinkles .

While we are concerned for our faces to always look young and beautiful, UVA-induced skin damage is not only a matter of preventing the ageing process, but poses a serious risk to our skin health.

UVA radiation causes damage indirectly via the formation of aggressive free radicals and oxygen species, the "Reactive Oxygen Species". These highly reactive species damage cell membranes, change the DNA of the skin cells and are linked to the development of skin cancer.

Adequate and reliable skin protection requires a careful balance between protecting against sunburn and long-lasting protection against premature skin ageing. The risk of overexposure to UVB radiation resulting in sunburn in everyday life is fairly low, whereas UVA radiation is fairly constant through the year. So, protecting the skin from daily UVA exposure is even more important than protecting against sunburn with high SPF factor sunscreens.

Daily protection should provide at least the same protection level against free radicals (UVA radiation) as against sunburn (UVB radiation) in order to efficiently prevent long-term skin damage resulting in photo-ageing.

When sunscreens aren't enough...

Many skin care products already contain UVB filters, which protect mainly against sunburn. However in the fight against ageing, today's modern lifestyle demands MORE...

HELIOCARE... more than a sunscreen

  • HELIOCARE is a unique product formulated with Fernblock, a natural sun protection substance, extracted from the fern plant of South America.

  • HELIOCARE effectively blocks out both UVB and UVA radiation.

  • HELIOCARE is formulated with a special filter called UVINUL A Plus which has excellent anti-ageing properties for modern daily skin protection thanks to its powerful absorption of the deeply penetrating long-wave UVA rays

  • HELIOCARE is also formulated with antioxidants to fight damaging free radicals

  • HELIOCARE actively stimulates the collagen of the skin, a novel anti-ageing effect .

Take extra care with HELIOCARE

HELIOCARE, allows you to take extra care of your skin by providing all round protection - protecting against the acute effects of sunburn and providing long-lasting protection against premature skin ageing and skin damage.

Many people are exposed to the sun for many hours during the day. This means that to ensure adequate protection against the sun's harmful rays, you need to reapply every 2 to 3 hours.

HELIOCARE has a range of formulations to suit your individual needs and is the only sun protection product to offer a capsule for people who need entire body protection against the sun.


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